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Quantitative Datasets

New Jersey School Performance Data

These school-level data were retrieved from the NJDOE's annual School Performance Reports and cover the 2015-16 school year through the most recent school year for which data are available. Variables in this dataset pertain to student and staff characteristics and a range of outcomes such as attendance, graduation, and performance on standardized assessments.

New Jersey School Finance Data

These district-level data were retrieved from the NJDOE's User-friendly Budgets and pertain to revenues and expenditures at the district level.

New Jersey Community Characteristics

These data were retrieved from ACS-ED, the American Community Survey's Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates, which is a district-level dataset that includes information on the people and households within each district. Information in this dataset includes household size, income, poverty measures, and other community characteristics. Data in this file covers all public school districts in New Jersey.

NJ State-Federal School and District ID Crosswalk

These data were retrieved from the National Center for Education Statistics' (NCES) Common Core of Data's directory information. This dataset includes school and district identifiers used by the New Jersey Department of Education as well as NCES. This information can be used to merge state and federal datasets for analysis.

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