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Cleaning and Merging Quantitative Data

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Facilitated by Dr. Jason Burns

Quantitative researchers often find that a significant component of their work involves preparing data for analysis, such as by recoding or transforming variables, creating new variables, adding variables/columns to the data from other sources, and adding observations/rows to the data. This is especially the case when working with secondary data – data collected by others such as a state department of education or the federal government. The process of preparing data for analysis can be time-consuming, but many aspects of data cleaning and management can be automated using software such as Stata. This seminar focuses on the following aspects of data cleaning and management in Stata: 1) recoding variables 2) creating and transforming variables 3) adding new variables/columns from a different dataset, and 4) adding observations/rows from a different dataset.

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